Monday, November 12, 2007

Microscope Slide Ornaments

I thought I would go with a project idea other than a card for this week's tutorial. I hope you like it!

You will need microscope slides for this project. I purchased mine online at They were about $4.00 plus S/H for 36 slides. I mistakenly bought ground edges instead of all clear. They work good, but I think next time I would go with the totally clear ones. I've heard you can also get slides at craft stores, but I haven't ventured out to see if this is true.


Acetate (you can also use cardstock if you don't have the acetate), 2 microscope slides, sticky strip tape (super sticky tape), embossing powder (here I used Iridescent Ice), versamark, ink, glitter, heat tool, ribbon, and stamps.


Cut 2 pieces of acetate the same size or a little smaller than your slides. Stamp images on one sheet. Heat with your heat tool to set the ink. Stamp versamark covering the other sheet of acetate and sprinkle with embossing powder. Then emboss with your heat tool.

Next, sandwich your acetate pieces between the slides.

Cut a piece of ribbon for the hanger and sandwich that as well.

Cut your sticky strip to go around the outside of the slides. This will adhere the slides together. Running it along the slides and pinching it over the edges.

Next, roll the edges in glitter to cover the sticky strip.

Have fun, these are super easy and pretty. They would make a nice inexpensive gift.

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Lynn said...

This is so pretty! I made some slide ornaments last year and used microbeads on the edges, but many didn't adhere well...I'm going to try your way with the glitter and hope it works out better.