Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tag and An Award

Good Morning!

I wanted to share a wonderful award, which I received from my friend Jo. This is just the sweetest friendship poem/award. Jo and I met through blogging, one day she stumbled across my blog and decided to email me, I am so grateful for that. We became fast friends and I cherish that friendship with her. Thank you so much for everything, Jo! {{{HUGS}}}

I would like to share this friendship award with all of the friends I've made through blogging. I look forward to sharing our art and support and of course our conversations.

I also wanted to mention that I received a Tag from Jennifer, from The Buck Stamps Here. Jennifer is an awesomely talented crafter and I'm honored that she tagged my blog! This tag was to share 7 random/weird facts about you. I've already received this tag a couple times before so if you want to see my answers you can click this LINK. Thanks Jennifer, it was nice to learn about you, thanks for sharing your personal stories.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'll be back soon with a weekly tutorial. Happy Stamping!! :)


Samantha Esqueda said...

I am so blessed to have come across your blog also- I truely love your designs, comments, and kind words! Jo and Tina, and myself, and everyone else who has visited your blog- can consider themselves lucky!

Jo said...

You're very welcome Denise! Big hugs back!!!

Alex said...

Yeah for you Denise - I think you rock too!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Lauren said...

Congrats. Hope you had a great weekend!